The company COOP Servis spol. s r. o. was established in year 1991 in Tvrdošovce by Mr. Jozef Csanda. At the beginning the company has six employees. The company started their business with service for refrigeration devices and for domestic electrical appliances.
In year 1992 was changed the seat of company from Tvrdošovce to Nové Zámky in rented areas. With removing to the district town increased the clientage of company and therefore the number of orders too. For all that has the company enlarged the number of employees too. 
In year 1999 has repurchased still rented areas in Nové Zámky on Považská Street.
They provided installations and service for school equipments and shops, especially for commercial line Jednota.
In year 2000 was established the company Mirelta s. r. o., which was represented the Hungarian company Guntner in Slovakia.
The next years were very important for the company. They started to do businesses with Hungarian company Hussmann Hungary, therefore increased the number of orders for installation refrigeration devices for department stores Tesco in Hungary.
In year 2002 was established the company Hussmann Slovakia, nowadays COOPServis Group s. r. o. The main activity of company was and today is food cooling, installation and service refrigerating devices and professional kitchens for Hypermarkets and department stores in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Nowadays the company belongs to the most knowing suppliers of food cooling, refrigeration devices and professional kitchens.
Today has the company COOP Servis 54 employees. To disposition has a new production hall, which was constructed to allow the production for dual packs.
Today is increased the production a storage area. The company s financial stability is strengthened and the company s position in grocery chains is consolidated.
The company COOP Servis with their orders and deliveries complete refrigeration technologies belongs to the most known companies in refrigeration department in Europe. In future will the company this position henceforth innovate and develop.

We draw your kind attention to our range of products as follows:

  • Integral refrigerating devices
  • Remote aggregate refrigerating systems
  • Refrigeration packs
  • Complete refrigeration systems
  • Control units, supervisory systems
  • Humid-air refrigerating systems for cooling vegetables and fruit (up to 98 % rel. Humidity)
  • Air-conditioning devices

The aggregate is the key part of the reliability of every refrigerating device. In the product range of COOPSERVIS, apart from integral units and traditional remote systems, can be found the energy-saving SUPER-PLUS group aggregate as well as the ENVIROPACK - full refrigerating unit mounted on the roof-, furthermore the PROTOCOL (Copeland Scroll pack system to be installed in the sales area). Constant developments guarantee both the products' aesthetic and environment-friendly design and energy-saving operation.

Among our elegant refrigerator cases any customers can find the one tailored to their needs. Different supermarkets, shopping centres, food shops and butcher's shops can be furnished with our refrigerators.

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